Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I get started?

    It's free and simple to join MajorSpins.com. You may manually signup or join with your social media account.

  • Will I receive royalties from radio play?

    Radio stations are required by the CRB to pay royalties according to the latest schedule. As of Jan 1st, 2016, the royalty scale has been increased for all internet radio stations. We advise that you set up a SoundExchange account to collect these monies on your behalf. The cost of this service is free.

  • How are you able to offer a guaranteed radio airplay service?

    MajorSpins consists of various industry veterans who have over 30 years of combined experience in radio airplay marketing. Through the years, countless relationships have been developed with radio station programmers, djs and radio station owners. We have also formed strategic partnerships with various radio stations of all genres which allow us to guarantee radio airplay for our clients.

  • Where does my music get played?

    Depending on the campaign which you've selected, your song(s) are distributed to and are played on major FM Radio Stations, Streaming Radio Stations, Satellite Radio Stations, College Radio Stations or Internet Radio stations.

  • Can I sell my music and make it available for download?

    There is no direct sales or downloads of song files available from the MajorSpins service at this time. Any music sales or downloads would be provided by external online store(s).

  • How do I know my music is actually being played?

    Unlike many of our competitors, we here at MajorSpins.com provide our clients with detailed radio tracking reports every week (based upon actual marketing campaign selected) from credible industry leading radio monitoring sources such as BDS (Broadcast Data Systems), Mediabase or DigitalRadioTracker.com. You will be able to see the actual radio airplay spin count and which stations are airing your music, including other pertinent information on these reports. Additionally, you will be able to hear your music online within 48 hours of submitting your music to us! We believe in true accountability that is why we use third party radio tracking versus in-house radio tracking like some of our competitors.

  • How many radio stations can I expect my music to be played on?

    It is virtually impossible to say. We service the entire station panel of your genre. It is up to each programmer on whether they choose to add your music to their station’s playlists. MajorSpins.com concentrates on a guaranteed spin count and consistent programming. Our objective is not just to have your music played one time on fifty stations, but fifty times on each station. The strategy is to give the listener adequate time to develop potential interest in your song. This is why we focus on a guaranteed radio airplay spin count and not just a station count which will make an even greater impact on your music!

  • Do I need to encode my music before using your service?

    No, you do not need to encode your music before submitting it to us. We actually prefer that it’s not encoded. We encode your song to ensure it has been encoded properly to assure YOU don't miss one spin on your radio tracking reports. If you have already encoded your music with a particular radio tracking system please notify us when securing your radio marketing campaign.

  • Do I need hard copy cds?

    No, we do not require any hard copy cds unless you are doing our College Radio Airplay Campaign. Everything we do is executed via broadcast quality MP3 of your song. We service our entire panel of radio station programmers/djs with your MP3 as displayed on our website. Your music will also be securely available for all stations to download at anytime during the radio campaign promotional timeline.

  • Do I need to pay for my radio tracking reports separately from your service?

    No, you do not need to subscribe to BDS, Mediabase, or DigitalRadioTracker.com. Depending on the promotional radio airplay campaign selected, we ALWAYS provide these radio tracking reports to you for FREE with your campaign purchase. Of course you can subscribe if you wish, but they can be very costly and you may want to use that budget for additional radio airplay marketing services we provide. All of our base packages include DigitalRadioTracker.com radio tracking reports which consists of a breakdown of reporting radio stations information. This includes radio station name, breakdown of radio airplay detections per day as well as weekly totals.

  • What is your Refund Policy?

    A refund or partial pro-rated refund is ONLY given to the Client if the guaranteed airplay spin count is not obtained by any of these airplay monitoring companies and/or combination of reports from these radio airplay monitoring companies. The Client agrees that if a breach of this agreement occurs and MajorSpins.com is brought to litigation in which it is connected to the Client’s song, the Client shall pay to MajorSpin.com all of its legal costs and expenses incurred in such suit including reasonable attorney fees.

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  • Which payment options do you accept?

    We accept Credit Cards, PayPal, & Bitcoin payments. If you are unable to pay with our payment options, contact us for a custom payment arrangement. We do accept bank transfer, and cash deposit for larger orders if that is your only option.

  • After payment, how long does it take for my order to process?

    Any new order takes us 24-48 hours to process. We will always send you updates and keep you posted on all the details of your order, as well as the progress throughout the campaign. Please keep in mind each service is different and some things may take longer than others to complete.