MajorSpains is a revolutionary type of service, using established relationships and innovative technology, to promote and market music to radio & media worldwide. Our service cuts the time musicians spend on promotion by providing a central location for radio stations and music writers to screen & select new music.

With online digital delivery of audio and artist info, over 7600 radio stations can instantaneously access and discover new music to play. MajorSpain’s capacity to reach so many music industry professionals in a matter of hours means music can be getting airplay at many stations very quickly--sometimes within hours.

MajorSpins eliminates the time-consuming and complicated conventional radio promotion process of sending CDs out to radio stations at large and hoping they get heard. Instead, the radio stations listen to digital audio previews and then download high-quality digital MP3s. This means that the likelihood of airplay time for the artist is excellent, as the stations are only downloading music that they are interested in. MajorSpins provides artists & labels with weekly detailed reports; which is a great resource for getting to know the audiences.